Yearly Lesson Rates

During the academic year there will be approximately 35 lessons and 2-3 recitals. Monthly payments are based on a 10-month (September - June) payment plan.

Students normally have 30 minute lessons up to book 3 or 4, and age 11-12. Lessons for 45 minutes are expected in books 4 and 5, and between ages 13-15. Starting in book 6 and age 16, students can manage one hour and will have sufficient material to cover within that amount of time. These are guidelines and can be adjusted as necessary.

For 35 lessons in the year:
30 minutes = $122.50/month
45 minutes = $183.75/month
60 minutes = $245/month
90 minutes = $315/month

My goal is to keep students active in their musical growth. Please talk to me in the event of a financial hardship. 

Families should expect a yearly rate increase.

Additional Fees

Travel fee of $10 per lesson up to 15 miles. 
Late fee of $10 for late invoice payments, added on the 15th of the month for every month that invoice remains unpaid.

When there is a pianist for recitals, there is a separate fee for rehearsal and performance set by and paid directly to the pianist. 

Summer Lessons

Summer lessons schedules are more flexible. Schedules will be determined based on your availability.

The summer package includes a set number lessons (usually 7) and a possible recital. Monthly payments are based on a 2-month (July-August) payment plan. All attendance and payment policies still apply.

A la Carte Lessons

Lessons scheduled as needed (and not on a regular basis) cost $80 per hour. Minimum lesson length is one hour for a la carte lessons.