Even if you do not own your instrument, from time to time your bow will need new hair or your instrument may need some help. Here are a few expert luthiers in the general Maryland/Washington DC area who can fix just about anything and help you find your next instrument.


Perrin and Associates (Baltimore) - perrinviolins.com

The Potters Violin Company (Bethesda) - www.pottersviolins.com

The Violin House of Weaver (Bethesda) - www.weaversviolins.com

Prodigy Instruments (Bowie) - www.prodigyinstruments.com

Gailes' Violin Shop (College Park) - gailesviolin.com

David Bromberg Fine Violins (Wilmington) - www.davidbrombergfineviolins.com


There are also a few independent luthiers in the area who may be able to help. Please contact me for contact information.


Teal Wintsch (Baltimore)

Ray Hardy (Catonsville)